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WACO massacre getting more bizarre

One member of the Bandidos MC, who was arrested at the scene, has turned out to be someone that was a police officer for 32 years.

A police affidavit claims that as few as six bikers were involved in a gunfight with each other in the parking lot. Then the bikers allegedly turned their guns on the army of police in the parking lot. So how did it come to be that nine people are dead and 18 wounded?

Of the nine fatalities, at least four are believed to have been killed by police.

It was initially claimed that twelve police officers were monitoring the meeting. That number keeps increasing. It is now being reported that over 18 officers were present. This includes an entire uniformed SWAT team with an MRAP. There were also squad cars in the parking lot. Some claim that ATF was also present.

Based on an early media interview with a police investigator, rifle cases were found at the scene. If rifles were fired, it is far more likely that they were fired by police.

One of the Bandidos members under arrest was a police officer for 32 years. The Bandidos are very strict about not allowing any current or former members of law enforcement into their ranks. This suggests that the man was working deep undercover and may have even been a provocateur.

Police now say that all gunshots were fired outside.

The number weapons confiscated has plummeted astronomically. Police originally told reporters that 100 weapons were seized at the scene. That number has officially been reduced to 50. However, the list is believed to include wallet chains and small pocket knives. Police towed all the motorcycles and recovered other handguns stowed on the bikes. However, these were not used in the fight.

The owner of the Twin Peaks Restaurant is disputing claims by police. He says that law enforcement never asked him to cancel the reservation for the Confederation of Clubs.