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3rd world shenanigans in Wellston, MO city government


The entire police force of Wellston, MO has been disbanded. All 23 officers were fired. The locks on the station doors have been changed. Critics say it is all because a female city council member and her son where arrested.

The entire ordeal sounds like something from a banana republic.

Wellston has 2,342 people and is over 90% black. They had roughly one cop for every 100 residents. Despite being so small, the town has seen scandal after scandal. Last July it was discovered that the city government owed $11,000 in unpaid bills to local gas stations. They had been buying gas on credit for the police cruisers.

Last February we reported that Janet Dixon, a black female city council members, was trying to use her position to thwart multiple police investigation into her son Terrance Dixon. Her son had been arrested and allegedly confessed to selling drugs in late 2013. Police found cocaine and heroin in his possession.

After her son was arrested for selling drugs, she used her position on city council to get all three arresting officers fired. The firings were later reversed. However, her son Terrance could not stay out of trouble. In August, 2014 he allegedly beat a woman with a belt buckle, leaving huge welts. The officer investigating the alleged domestic violence was quickly fired at the request of Janet Dixon.

Then, last Monday, Janet Dixon was arrested for having a firearm with the serial number scratched off. The same day, she bullied the rest of city council into disbanding the entire police force! No discussion or debate was held before the vote.