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Adrian Lester found guilty in racial hate crime shooting spree


On April 14th, 2014 three young white males agreed to meet with a black male at Gallagher Park in Omaha, Nebraska. Instead they were greeted by four carloads of black males, who then surrounded their car. Adrian Lester, an 18 year old black male, opened fire on their car.

Tielor Williams, 18, and Joshua Schmitt, 22, were both shot as they sat in their car in the parking lot. Schmitt’s 16 year old cousin was also in the car, but was unhurt. Williams died by the time they reached the hospital.

Racial hatred was suspected as a primary motive. Schmitt had been in a racially charged feud with another black male and he was asked to come to the park to work it out one on one.

Another black male, who was originally pegged as the gunman, was acquitted last March.