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Danish People’s Party takes 2nd place with 21%

danish-folksThe Danish Peoples Party [DF] has long been a “kingmaker” in Danish politics. They refuse to support legislation from other parties unless those parties make concessions on immigration policy. Because of that, Denmark has the strictest immigration policy of any EU country. Many media outlets have even predicted that Denmark could soon have a net decrease of Muslim immigrants. Denmark has began a program of paying Muslim immigrants to return to their home country. The program actually pays for itself because of the astronomical rate at which Muslim immigrants use welfare.

DF received 12% of the vote in the 2011 parliament elections. They received 21% this time. Leaders of DF say they will most likely refrain from joining the ruling coalition, because they are more powerful retaining their opposition “king-maker” status.

Meanwhile, the Sweden’s anti-immigration Swedish Democrat Party is currently polling between 18-22% despite massive demonization by the media. The party won 13% in 2014 and has continued to gain popularity.


Denmark woke up on Friday to a radically altered political landscape after the anti-immigrant Danish People’s party finished second in the country’s general election and demanded stricter border controls to stem the movement of migrants.

The DPP took more than 21% of the vote and 37 seats in the country’s 179-seat parliament. On a night of political contradictions, the centre-left Social Democrats, who increased their vote and were easily the biggest party, conceded defeat and Helle Thorning-Schmidt, Denmark’s first female prime minister, resigned as party leader.

The Liberal party of the former prime minister Lars Løkke Rasmussen was the night’s biggest loser, falling to third place behind the DPP with less than 20% of the vote, yet still looks set to form a government with Rasmussen as prime minister.