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Entire family attacked in racially motivated lynching in Alabama


A Florence, Alabama event known as “First Fridays” turned into a horrific racially motivated rampage. A father and his fourteen year old son were attacked and lynched by a large group of young blacks. The perps beat them and zapped the adult victim with a taser. He was hospitalized because of his injuries. Then they turned on the mother and a four year old. Smashing the windows of the family van where they had taken refuge. The perpetrators were yelling racial slurs the entire time.

Local media is CENSORING the race of the attackers. Even WHNT Channel 19, which admitted the attackers were using racial slurs, refused to state the race of the attackers. The Times Daily reported a mob attack, but completely censored all mention of race and the racial slurs. WAAY, the local ABC affiliate, did not report the attack at all.

If the races were reversed, this would be the biggest news story in the entire USA. Instead it is a “hush crime.”

For several years now, America has seen a nationwide epidemic of racially motivated attacks on white people. This website has documented hundreds of them. It is only getting worse. The black leadership is refusing to condemn the attacks. In fact, a high profile black pastor from Texas recently green-lighted attacks on white people on national television. He threaten terrorist attacks on white police and white authority figures.

Watch video clip.