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Friends of Dylann Roof say he warned them about the attack


“He actually did everything he said he was going to do” – Christon Scriven, close friend of Dylan Roof

Three different friends of Dylann Roof have told media that Roof made explicit statements about wanting to commit a large scale attack. All three friends ignored the threats.

Given that Roof was already arrested twice for casing a Columbia, SC mall, the authorities would have taken these threats very seriously.

Christon Scriven

Christon Scriven, a black 22 year old, says he is friends with Roof and two hung out a lot. He says that one week before the massacre, Roof told him that he was plotting to attack a South Carolina University. He said that Roof mentioned attacking the College of Charleston. Scriven says that Roof even told him when the attack was coming saying, “In seven days. … I have seven days.” Exactly seven days later was the day of the massacre.

Scriven believes that Roof went to Charleston to attack the College of Charleston, but was scared away by security. South Carolina has a state law that says no guns are allowed in churches.

Scriven says that him and Roof hung out daily.

Scriven did not warn anyone.

Joey Meek

Another long time friend of Dylann Roof is Joey Meek, a white male. He says that he so feared what Roof was going to do that he took Roof’s handgun from Roof’s car. He hid the weapon in an air conditioning vent. However, Meek says his girlfriend didn’t want the gun in their home. So Meek gave the murder weapon back to Roof.

Meek did not warn anyone.

Dalton Tyler

Dalton Tyler was Dylann Roof’s roomate. He is a 21 year old white male who has not been pictured in the media. Off camera, he told reporters that Roof had been planning to go on a shooting spree for “six months.” Tyler says that Roof talked about wanting to “start a civil war” by going on a suicidal rampage. Tyler has not been pictured in the media.

Tyler did not warn anyone.