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Infamous NYC killer bicyclist still a menace to society


Jason Marshall is famous for killing the wife of a CBS Executive last September. He was tearing through Central Park on a high performance $4,000 bicycle. He slammed into Jill Tarlov, 59, so hard she was fatally injured. She died three days later.

Marshall was given a free pass outright. He was never charged with a crime. Before killing Tarlov, he bragged on social media of hitting 35 miles per hour on his bike. He told police he was only going 8 or 9 miles per hour. Witnesses say he was exceeding the park’s 25 mph speed limit.

Employees of the New York Post videotaped him riding his bike recklessly in NYC with his son on the handlebars. He was videotaped running a red light and then later riding his bike on the sidewalk. NYPD told the Post that they would not be issuing a red light citation.