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Latest on Waco, TX massacre

The motorcycle event at Waco, Texas was a meeting of the Confederation of Clubs and Independents [CoC]. The club known as Bandidos is a prominent member of the organization. The club known as Cossack, and their support club the Scimitars are not members of the CoC and do not normally attend CoC events.

The CoC is actively involved in motorcycle rights, motorcycle safety, and numerous charities. Three of the people arrested by the police at the meeting are listed as co-authors of a motorcycle rights bill that was just passed by the Texas House of representatives.

Five of the nine people killed were members of the Cossacks, one was a member of the Scimitars, two were members of the Bandidos, and one was not a member of any club. Over the past two years members of the Cossacks and the Bandidos have been involved in fights.

Members of the Cossacks have alleged that they were attacked by the Bandidos. A second narrative says that two members of the Cossacks fired two or three rounds at members of the Bandidos. Several members of the media have been allowed to view Twin Peaks surveillance video. The video only captured one biker firing one shot. The video contradicts much of what was said by the Waco PD after the event took place.

About twenty five people have been released from police custody so far. The ones that have been interviewed all say they only heard between one to three shots from a handgun or handguns. Then they heard a huge amount of rifle fire coming from police.

Police have still not said how many of the dead and wounded were shot by police. At least fourteen members of the Waco PD have been placed on leave for their involvement in the shooting. Waco PD was armed with fully automatic assault rifles and an armored transport.

The follow account come from Amy White, who has written extensively about the event. Also a new video from prominent Las Vegas motorcycle lawyer Stephen Stubbs who knew one of the victims as well as several people who were arrested.

From Amy White…

A little after 12, some more Bandidos rolled in, less than ten of them. They were surrounded by Cossacks in the parking lot. An altercation ensued and the Bandidos were fighting them off with their hands and helmets because they hadn’t even gotten off the bikes yet. Suddenly one Cossack pulled a gun and fired into a Bandido’s shoulder. There is some confusion as to the next shot fired, but then the SWAT team came out and shot up everyone… killing nine, wounding more than 20. The reason so many Cossacks died is because they had the Bandidos surrounded. They were the aggressors in every way. If the Bandidos had known this was going to happen, there would have been much more than 20 or less there. Allegedly there is a Cossack snitch named Voodoo. Also there is possibly two more Cossacks who were involved with the cops, as well. There is a man telling a story out there who also says he contacted the cops because he is in a child custody battle with his ol lady, who left him for a Cossack. The video the AP has shows very little of the real altercation, but does show a Cossack take out a gun and fire it. This was possibly the second shot heard before the cops shot thousands of rounds into innocent people. Most of the Cossacks did know they were headed there to start a fight with the Bandidos. Very few knew about the cops.

There WAS a gang shoot out that day. Cossacks and Cops. Not one single member of the Bandidos Motorcycle CLUB or the Texas CoC are guilty of anything but self defense. This is written to the best of my ability to convey what I have now heard from three eye witnesses. Only one of them is a red and gold [Bandidos] supporter, and one of them has viewed the tape the AP has. If any detail is wrong, my apologies, its not intentional. The cops are being shady because they don’t want the world to know they shot around 30 people in cold blood, claimed that nail clippers and jewelry were weapons, arrested nearly 200 innocent people, and made some kind of sneaky under the table deals with one of the “gangs” they are supposedly so afraid of. The legal system and the lawyers are now extorting tens of thousands of dollars out of people who should by rights just be sent home with apologies.