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Lindsey Graham: Don’t vote for me if your anti-war

Lindsey Graham was one of the most rabid advocates of arming Sunni Jihadists in Syria and Libya. A large portion of the people he armed are now fighting for ISIS. Now he wants to invade Iraq and Syria to fight ISIS and overthrow the secular Ba’athist government of Syria.

In this photo Lindsey Graham appears with ex-Taliban commander Belhadj. This man went to Afghanistan in 2002 to lead Arab Jihadists fighting US troops. Graham visited with and endorsed Belhadj. After receiving US support to overthrow Gaddafi, Belhadj went straight back to fighting Jihad. He is now fighting the new government of Libya and imposing Sharia law. A large segment of the formerly US backed fighters that were under his command founded the Libyan ISIS franchise. Numerous Arab media outlets claim that Belhadj is actually secretly leading ISIS in Libya.

Note that the FOX News host falsely claims that the government of Syria is working with ISIS. This claim is not supported by any factual evidence. In fact ISIS mass massacred over 400 members of the Syrian military and security forces last week!