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Spokane NAACP leader is a white woman pretending to be black


Just when you though the NAACP couldn’t get any more ludicrous. The head of the Spokane, WA NAACP is a 100% white female who pretends to be a Mulatto. She was recently outed by her parents.

Spokane NAACP President Rachel Dolezal is 100% white, who has been pretending to be “black” for twenty years.

Rachel Dolezal has literally made a career out of pretending to be black. By pretending to be black, she became the head of the city’s police oversight commission. She also became an adjutant professor of “Africana Studies” at Eastern Washington University.

Dolezal has even falsely claimed a dark skinned black male is her father. She put pictures of herself with a dark skinned black male on social media and falsely claimed the man was her father. She has falsely referred to herself as black on social media. She has falsely referred to her hair as naturally curly on social media. She has also falsely claimed she was born in a hut in South Africa.

Dolezal went to Howard University, a black college. She dyed her hair black, permed it, and has been pretending to be black for twenty years now. Her parents say she is Czech, Swedish, and German. She may have a distant American Indian relative, but absolutely no black ones.

Dolezal was exposed as a fake black woman after she was suspected of staging multiple fake “hate crimes” against herself and her own family.

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