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Media Pool Party story was a total hoax


The McKinney Pool Party story by the media was a total hoax.

It was not even a “pool party.” A cookout was held at a park near the pool. A DJ was hired, who blasted foul mouthed gangster rap music for hours. The party was promoted on twitter and other social media. This prompted carloads of teenagers from other neighborhoods began showing up.

Once the crowd reached about one hundred teens, they violently invaded a private community pool. The mob of teenagers both fought with each other, hurled bottles at cars, assaulted the two neighborhood security guards, and viciously attacked an adult female resident.

As the violence escalated, residents began calling the police. Virtually everything reported by the national media has turned out to be a hoax. The media has falsely claimed that white police officers attacked a peaceful black pool party, because residents merely objected to the presence of black people in their neighborhood.

The pool has strict rules. Any “pool party” requires prior notification, a deposit, and must be limited to no more than twenty people.

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