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Mississippi man lynched to death in racial hate crime


Erick Hambrick, a Mississippi Emergency Management Agency [MEMA] employee, was brutally murdered in the parking lot of a Waffle House in Mississippi. Surveillance video shows it was a lynching. Three black males savagely beat him. He died of his injuries two days later.

The media is downplaying the brutal lynching murder as “a robbery.” However, nothing of any value appears to have been stolen. The lynching took place Thursday, May 27th.

Three suspects have been identified. At least two of them are in custody. Arkel Coleman, 19, and Shrederrick Anderson, 18, have both been charged with murder. The surveillance video of the lynching has not been released to the public.

If the races had been reversed, this would be a major national media event.

Last fall, a former Marine was seriously maimed in a near fatal lynching after he walked inside a Mississippi Waffle House. The victim was white and the perpetrators were black. The perps had been watching coverage of the media’s incendiary and fallacious coverage of the Mike Brown shooting. They whipped themselves into a frenzy and decided they wanted to attack any white person to get revenge. Ralph Weems, the victim, was in a coma for weeks and has spent months in rehabilitation. The media lied about his injuries and tried to downplay the racially motivated attack. The local black police chief blatantly lied to the public about the attack. A CBS station in Atlanta even tried to invent a fictional white perpetrator to change the story.