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Police State Horror: Colorado SWAT completely destroys innocent man’s home


The Greenwich Village, CO police force completely destroyed an innocent man’s home using military weapons, including a tank.

Police left massive gaping holes in both sides of a home. All to catch a wanted shoplifter. The shoplifter ran into the home uninvited while fleeing from police. One hundred police officers, much of them armed with military rifles and body armor, used a tank, battering rams, concussion grenades, and chemical agents. Concussion grenades were systematically thrown into each room of the home to flush out the shoplifter. They also fired dozens of shots, riddling the inside of the house with bullet holes.

The house is largely destroyed, as is much of the possessions inside. The city has condemned the home. The homeowner says that a quarter million in damage was caused, and insurance will not pay for it all. The scene looks like something from a war zone in Iraq or Syria.

A neighbor says he was forced to let SWAT use his house as a base of operation. He says that the officers set off explosions that sent debris flying through the air.

When the story hit social media, many thought it was a hoax. Critics say the level of force used vastly exceeds anything that could be considered necessary. You would think that a nest of veteran ISIS fighters had been holed up in the home.

Greenwood Village, CO only has a population of 14,000 people. It is unknown why the police department for such a small town even posses such powerful military weaponry. However, the Obama regime has been distributing military hardware to local police forces. This creates a situation where police want to use the military hardware, even when it is not necessary, simply because it is exciting.

The Greenwood Village, CO police chief justifies the level of violence citing that the shoplifter had a handgun. It is unclear if the handgun was ever fired.