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Rachel Dolezal resigns as NAACP boss, police cancel investigations

By now you probably know about Rachel Dolezal, a naturally blond white female who made a career out of pretending to be black. Dolezal is head of the Spokane NAACP, the head of a civilian review board for the Spokane police, and a black studies professor at a local college.

She has claimed to be the victim of a “hate crime” at least nine times. The latest incident was a “threatening letter” in her PO Box. However, the letter had no stamp or post markings. Dolezal had the only key to the box.

Spokane police have officially ended all investigations into all of Dolezal’s dubious hate crime allegations. She could be charged with filing fake police reports. At the very least she should be fired from her position as head of the civilian review board for the police. The purpose of the civilian review board is to monitor the interactions between police officers and the black community for “racism.”

Dolezal resigns from her position as president of the Spokane NAACP today. In her official resignation she claims credit for making the Spokane NAACP one of the most active chapters in the country, with financial solvency and a downtown office.