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Tracking Chicago’s Gun Free Bloodbath

chicago-murderChicago has some of the most strict anti-gun laws in all of the United States. Yet the whole city is a non-stop bloodbath. Every three and a half hours, someone is shot. Every twenty hours there is a murder.

For 2015, there have been 203 homicides. So far only 25% have resulted in someone being charged.

75% of the victims are black, and 20% are Hispanic.

86% of all Chicago are caused by a gunshot wound, despite strict gun control.

There have been 122 incidents of multiple people being shot. This has resulted in 42 fatalities.

In 2015, there have only been seven days without a single shooting or homicide. These were very cold days in January and February.

There have been 134 black homicide victims. Only 28 blacks have been charged with a homicide. 25 of them have been charged with killing a black victim. The other three for non-blacks.