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A Story About Hate: New Details Emerge In Anthony Hervey Death

How did this happen?

How did this happen?

By Hunter Wallace

The New American has published details of an exclusive interview with Arlene Barnum which sheds considerable new light on the tragic death of Anthony Hervey. I remember seeing this angry black woman in Birmingham and mentioned the arrests in Linn Park in my report on the Monumental Dixie rally:

“About 30 protestors showed up at the rally, many wearing white shirts with “MLK” on them. Barnum believed they were there to provoke an incident, offering examples such as putting cameras right into rallygoers’ faces, and even “harassing kids” present at the event. Barnum noticed an “angry-looking black lady” moving closer to her, so she moved away to avoid a confrontation, and left the park by another route, climbing over a chain link fence.

The protesters were yelling names at the rally participants, especially the black Americans, demanding they “go home,” shouting over and over, “I hate you.” One man came up to Barnum and told her, “You are really sick.” Finally, police asked the protesters to leave the rallygoers alone, which led to a woman pushing the officers away. She was then arrested.”

Here’s the key excerpt:

“As they neared Oxford, Hervey expressed a desire to stop at a convenience store and get some fried chicken. Since he knew the area better than she did, she let him take over driving the Ford Explorer. When they stopped at the convenience store, she remained in the vehicle, she told me, because she “did not feel safe.”

Not long after they got back onto the road (Highway 6), with Barnum in the passenger seat, checking her Facebook page, she suddenly heard Hervey yell out. She looked over to see a silver or gray car driving alongside them on the highway. Their windows were down, and she could see some “angry-looking black guys” yelling at Hervey. She could not make out what they were saying, as Hervey’s window was not down.

At this point, Hervey accelerated and left the chasing vehicle behind. Then the pursuers drove around to the passenger side, alongside Barnum. Hervey jerked the Explorer across the road and ran into the ditch. At that point, the silver vehicle sped on, but when Hervey jerked the SUV back onto the road, he overcorrected, and the SUV began to spin.

“It rolled over hard,” Barnum was quoted by the New York Times. “With each roll, it felt like ‘I’m not dead yet. Which one of these rolls is going to kill me?’”

After the rolling finally stopped, and with the Explorer resting on its roof, upside down, Barnum told me that she was concerned that the men in the silver vehicle might try to finish them off. Because she did not know how to place an emergency phone call on her I-phone, she posted on Facebook, “HELP … They after us. My vehicle inside down.” She explained to me that she wanted someone to know that they had been attacked, in case the men in the silver car came back and killed them.”

They shouted over and over again, “I hate you.”

This article clears up a number of mysteries about the fatal car wreck: if Barnum and Hervey left Birmingham on Sunday, it didn’t seem likely that they were followed from Alabama; why did Barnum ask for help on Facebook rather than call 9/11; how would Hervey’s enemies have recognized him in Barnum’s out-of-state SUV. The answer seems to be Hervey’s decision to make a stop to pick up some fried chicken.

I don’t think it will take long for the Mississippi Highway Patrol to verify Barnum’s eyewitness account. In light of the national media attention this story is already getting, I also don’t think it will take long for the police to figure out who was in that silver car that ran Hervey off the road and to make an arrest.

Where are the Hatewatchers on this? Come to think of it, where have they been for a week now? Were they abducted by aliens? In this story of black bodies and white silence, isn’t it ironic that the C of CC is doing the job the SPLC won’t do?


Update: Here’s a new article that adds a new wrinkle to the story:

“An hour before we got into Oxford, he said ‘You and I could get assassinated for what’s going on,’” she said. “He said ‘Don’t drive around in different states with (the Confederate flag) on the back of (the SUV).’”

That’s interesting.