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Anti-Racism: America’s New National Religion

white-slaveBy Hunter Wallace

The black writer John McWhorter has published a must read article on the cult of “anti-racism” at The Daily Beast:

“One hearkens to one’s preacher to keep telling the truth—and also to make sure we hear it often, since many of its tenets are easy to drift away from, which leads us to the next evidence that Antiracism is now a religion. It is inherent to a religion that one is to accept certain suspensions of disbelief. Certain questions are not to be asked, or if asked, only politely—and the answer one gets, despite being somewhat half-cocked, is to be accepted as doing the job …

As such, even Brooks has gotten the religion, critiquing Coates’s book while also making sure to say that “every conscientious American should read it.” Brooks, here, is genuflecting, as America now does in general to Antiracist scripture. One is to accept that beyond a certain point—and one arrives at the point quite quickly—one is to treat logic as optional and simply have faith.”

Of course “anti-racism” is America’s national religion. Just ask a heathen!

McWhorter goes further still. He basically endorses our position that anti-racism is anti-White. After all, if White people are wicked because they are born with the Original Sin of white privilege, how can anti-racism not effectively become anti-White in practice?

The American elite believes in the Gospel of anti-racism. Although McWhorter doesn’t go into this, this same elite has built Black Run America (BRA) since 1965, a distinct epoch of American history with its own rules, laws, and racial etiquette that has been less a triumph of colorblindness than an inversion of the old Jim Crow racial hierarchy.

Black Run America (BRA) doesn’t meant that blacks literally run America. Rather, it means that the American elite, whom Paul Kersey calls Disingenuous White Liberals (DWLs), are running the country as a kind of charity for black people. Every single mainstream institution in BRA is dedicated to the project of black racial uplift, not maintaining “white supremacy.” Because black people are revered objects of worship in Black Run America (think of any number of Morgan Freeman movies), major cities like Detroit, Birmingham, and Memphis have been reduced to ruins under decades of incompetent black rule. We live in a country where civilization itself has been subordinated to “social justice.”

The trillions of dollars that Black Run America (BRA) has squandered on “social justice” projects since 1965 are the American equivalent of the large head statues built by the Rapa Nui people on Easter Island as their civilization collapsed during the Middle Ages. The United States is careening toward a similar reckoning in the 21st century.