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Confederate Battle Flag Provokes Drive-By Shooting In Bessemer, AL

bullets-bessemerBy Hunter Wallace

Remember, the New Black Panther Party called for “new Denmark Veseys” to rise up and “finish off” the slave masters, and President Obama spent the weekend telling his co-ethnics in Kenya that the Confederate Battle Flag was a symbol of slavery and racial subjugation that needs to come down.

Yesterday, we saw some of those new Denmark Veseys shoot a White man in the mouth and back over the Confederate Battle Flag in South Bend, IN. Last night, there was a drive-by shooting over the Confederate Battle Flag in Bessemer, AL:

“BESSEMER, Ala. (WIAT)– A Bessemer man says his home is under fire. He says a drive-by shooting left his house riddled with bullet holes, putting his family in danger. He believes the Confederate battle flag he flies on his porch could be the reason behind the shooting.

Alek Seundryk says he woke up to the sound of gunshots just after midnight Sunday. “I heard three gunshot pops. Three pops. Very loud,” he said.

Kayla Buckner, his neighbor, says she saw what happened. She was standing outside, near the home on Avenue J in Bessemer. She says she saw a car approach the house, then slow down. “They stopped and conversated. He said naw man, eff that, and shot into their house,” Buckner said. …”

Yes, I know this is starting to look like an organized campaign of genocide against a targeted minority group, but there is no cause for alarm here, as the SPLC has assured us that the C of CC is only spreading a “false narrative of a victimized white majority under siege by allegedly violent people of color in the United States.”