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Destroying Dixie: Mainstream Media Explains Southern Genocide

Mainstream Media explains how the Left intends to wipe out the White South

Mainstream Media explains how the Left intends to wipe out the White South

By Hunter Wallace

The American Left has a plan to deal with White Southerners, who have long been the biggest demographic thorn in the side of the progressive agenda, and the leftwing media has recently gone on record to articulate its plan to marginalize and destroy Dixie in order to seize absolute power in Washington.

In The Washington Post, Michael Lind writes in his July 4th article “How The South Skews America”:

“The United States would be much less exceptional in general, and in particular more like other English-speaking democracies such as Britain, Canada, Australia and New Zealand were it not for the effects on U.S. politics and culture of the American South …

Minus the South, the rest of the U.S. probably would be more like Canada or Australia or Britain or New Zealand—more secular, more socially liberal, more moderate in the tone of its politics and somewhat more generous in social policy. …

The northern progressives who joke about the U.S. jettisoning “Jesusland” and merging with Canada will not get their wish. But there is hope: A combination of demographic change and generational change is weakening the ability of the old-fashioned South to skew American politics and culture in the future. Peripheral Southern states like Florida and Virginia are increasingly competitive, and the Deep South may join them in time. In Texas once-reactionary cities like Houston and Dallas are competing with Austin as tolerant meccas for transplants who prefer the Sun Belt to the Old South. Immigration into the South from other countries and American regions is breaking down local oligarchies and old folkways.

The decline in Southern exceptionalism in time may lead to more of a convergence among the U.S. and other modern democracies. Let us hope so. We have had enough of the wrong kind of American exceptionalism.”

The plan articulated by Michael Lind here is straightforward: flood the South with Northern transplants and foreign immigrants in order to weaken the social fabric, target symbols of Southern distinctiveness like the Confederate Battle Flag or Confederate monuments for eradication, and demographically change the composition of the Southern population to make the troublesome region more politically amenable to “progressive” Democratic candidates.

In The Atlantic, Peter Beinart writes in his article “How Views Like Trump’s Became Socially Taboo”:

“If cultural elites helped render certain left-wing views unacceptable in the 1940s, 1970s, and 1980s, economic elites are helping render certain right-wing views unacceptable today. David Brooks foresaw this phenomenon fifteen years ago when he wrote Bobos in Paradise, arguing that corporate America was embracing the liberal-cultural ethos of the 1960s. In 2003, Intel, Merck, and Boeing all filed briefs urging the Supreme Court to uphold affirmative action in college admissions. Earlier this year, Goldman Sachs, Google, and Coca-Cola urged the Court to legalize same-sex marriage. In South Carolina, the state’s chamber of commerce and manufacturer’s association lobbied Governor Nikki Haley to remove the Confederate flag. And since Trump’s comments about undocumented Mexican immigrants, he’s faced harsher retribution from many of the corporations he does business with than from the Republicans he’s running against. If Democratic Party leaders once needed liberal intellectuals to marginalize Wallace and McGovern’s views about communism, Republican leaders need corporate America to marginalize the anti-gay rights, anti-Mexican, pro-Confederate flag wing of their party today.

Eventually, they’ll probably succeed. By 2020, it’s hard to imagine a Republican nominee who doesn’t back gay marriage, comprehensive immigration reform, and an end to government displays of the Confederate flag.

So what happens to the millions of Americans who have suddenly found their views deemed beyond the pale by America’s political, economic, and cultural elites? If history is any guide, they’ll go underground. In the late 1940s and 1950s, the Old Left that had sympathized with the USSR crumbled. But a clandestine-radical tradition remained. And when the New Left erupted during Vietnam, it included many “red-diaper” babies—children from families that, quietly, had always opposed the Cold War. Something similar happened after the invasion of Iraq, when a new generation of progressive “netroots” activists began looking admiringly at the McGovernites who had turned the Democratic Party against the Vietnam War.”

As David Brooks wrote in Bobos in Paradise: The New Upper Class and How They Got There, the key to transforming the South and politically and culturally marginalizing the millions of conservative White Southerners who live there is to appeal to the cartel of New South economic elites who control the Republican Party to “render certain right-wing views unacceptable” like supporting the Confederate Battle Flag, opposing “comprehensive immigration reform,” opposing gay marriage, etc. This is why you have this parade of Republican lapdogs attacking The Donald for drawing attention to politically incorrect topics like violent crimes against Americans committed by illegal aliens. In the brave new world of the 21st century, White Americans will be expected to doff their hats and bend the knee before these “Bobos in Paradise.”

In The New York Times, disgraced former NY Times editor Howell Raines penned the longest Op-Ed spelling out the details of the planned Southern genocide:

“But the more intriguing story is that Mr. Bentley is among the Southern Republican officeholders who, despite the smart occasional concession, do not fully understand that their dominance will not be a feature of the region’s two-party future. They still act as if tomorrow will be exactly like today, their tenure assured by unbendable evangelical Christians and testy white suburbanites.

But, as in the time of Henry W. Grady, the post-Reconstruction journalist who popularized the term “the New South,” inexorable forces will in a few decades reshape Southern society, this time in a more progressive direction. Witness the flood of gay weddings in Mobile and the mounting alarm of evangelicals across the region, the latter being the driving force behind the former Arkansas governor Mike Huckabee’s retro presidential campaign. …

Even more dramatic changes in voter attitudes will shift the region’s party balance, to the detriment of the Republicans. This won’t come about because current Republican voters and their elected officials now in office will somehow be converted, but because they will be overwhelmed by new voters in the burgeoning Hispanic and Asian communities, who will join the black minority. Over half of the nation’s 40 million blacks live in the South.

For the time being, however, a traveler through the South can’t help but notice that its affluent, suburban whites remain myopic about the obvious signs, like the multiracial families to be seen among Walmart shoppers on any given day in any shopping mall. …

A survey of demographic and polling data in what the Brookings Institution demographer William H. Frey calls a New Sunbelt, stretching across the Southern Rim from Miami to Los Angeles, makes an ironclad case for this huge recalibration in political and cultural attitudes. Yet, for example, in the Florida Panhandle the same whites who cheer the new Hispanic stars at high school soccer matches deliver a bloc vote for the most conservative-sounding candidates at local, state and national levels. Anecdotal evidence indicates that affluent Southern Republicans continue to believe that minority voters can be attracted with punitive polices based on the Paul Ryan model.

The statistical evidence shouts otherwise. “Demography is destiny” is the theme of Mr. Frey’s new book, “Diversity Explosion: How New Racial Demographics Are Remaking America,” and another recent book, “The Next America: Boomers, Millennials and the Looming Generational Showdown,” by Paul Taylor and his colleagues at the Pew Research Center. …

“Demographic transformations are dramas in slow motion,” Mr. Taylor writes, an implicit warning to Republicans who believe that all they need to do is reinforce the beliefs and prejudices of the suburban South …

It will take awhile for Southern and national Republicans to understand that, as Mr. Frey put it, “Demographics is destiny.” The longer they take to get it, the greater the odds that multiethnic Democrats will finally break the Republican lock on the solidly red South.”

I can’t find anything that I disagree with in Howell Raines’ analysis.

The American Left’s plan here is to wipe out the ethnic and cultural core of the White South with a tidal wave of Northern transplants and Third World immigrants, target symbols of Southern distinctiveness in the public landscape to wipe out Southern memory, politically neuter the conservative White South by appealing to New South economic elites to marginalize their voice within the Republican Party, and ultimately replace the Southern population as a whole at the demographic level in order to make the region more receptive to “progressive” Democratic candidates.

There’s a word for that … it is called “genocide.” These attacks on Southern monuments and historical symbols, which are tolerated and encouraged by the ruling elite, are just proxy attacks on a distinct ethnic group. It hasn’t descended to the level of Zimbabwe or South Africa yet, but we know what to expect is coming down the pike.