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FBI’s Joint Terrorism Task Force Investigating Confederate Flags at MLK’s Ebenezer Baptist Church


By Hunter Wallace

According to the Atlanta Police Department, two White men left four small Confederate Battle Flags outside MLK’s Ebenezer Baptist Church in Atlanta … and get this, the FBI’s Joint Terrorism Task Force is on the scene investigating the incident:

Atlanta police Chief George Turner said his agency was working with federal authorities and they have not determined what charges might be levied. Turner said they have not ruled out a hate crime, though Georgia has no state hate crimes law.

An officer from the Atlanta FBI’s joint terrorism task force was on the scene “to better determine if any specific threats were received” and to provide support to Atlanta police, FBI Special Agent Steve Emmett said in an email.

The Rev. Raphael Warnock, senior pastor at Ebenezer Baptist Church, called placing the flags on church grounds a “terroristic threat.” …

Amazing, isn’t it?

I mean … you would think they burned down the church, or vandalized the church by spraypainting it with with political slogans. Oh wait, that’s just our monuments, hundreds of which have been vandalized by #BlackLivesMatter supporters, it seems like a new one every day, without the FBI showing the slightest interest in the fact that we are being targeted, much less raising the possibility of hate crime charges.

Don’t get me wrong. I’m not suggesting there is a “double standard” here. There is only The Standard which is anti-White, anti-Southern, and anti-Christian. What is decried as “hate” is completely permissible so long as we the victims of it.