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House GOP In Full Retreat From Confederate Battle Flag

Rep. Hakeem Jeffries denounces Confederate Battle Flag featuring 17 stars

Rep. Hakeem Jeffries denounces Confederate Battle Flag featuring 17 stars

By Hunter Wallace

In a bewildering series of events, Republican congressmen in the US House of Representatives signed off on a ban of the Confederate Battle Flag at federal cemeteries, reversed their position under pressure from Southern Republicans, only to retreat late this afternoon in a full blown rout under a firestorm of Democratic criticism:

“House Republicans have cancelled the Thursday vote on the Interior spending bill to avoid debating a hastily-called amendment to the bill that would have allowed the display of Confederate flags on federal lands.

House Speaker John Boehner (R-OH) confirmed on Thursday that the House would suspend debate on the Interior spending bill until members sort out the amendments related to the Confederate flag. …”

The controversial issue at stake here is whether or not Confederate graves in federal cemeteries like Andersonville and Vicksburg can be decorated with small little Confederate Battle Flags on Confederate Memorial Day. House Speaker John Boehner hoisted the Republican Battle Flag and led his caucus into an ignoble defeat on yet another issue.

In case you are keeping score, the Republican standard has been raised over a number of issues including “gay marriage,” Obamacare, illegal alien amnesty, disparate impact, affirmative action, and of course, the Confederate Battle Flag.