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Jeb Bush Addresses National Urban League Conference

As governor, I put the Confederate flag in a museum where it belongs

As governor, I put the Confederate flag in a museum where it belongs

By Hunter Wallace

He boasts that he got rid of the Confederate Battle Flag at the Florida State Capitol and boosted the numbers of blacks in the Florida judiciary by 43 percent:

“Just for starters, leaders know that there are plenty of tough calls we have to make, and therefore we should not be wasting time agonizing over the easy calls. So, 13 years ago, when the question was whether to keep the Confederate flag on the grounds of the Florida State Capitol, I said no, and put it in a museum where it belongs.

“Another easy call was reaching out for talent wherever I found it – for my cabinet and staff, state agencies, and the courts. You’re not going to get good judgment in government when everybody comes from the same life experience. You can’t serve all the people unless you represent all the people and we did, with the most diverse appointments this state ever saw. We increased the number of black Floridians serving in the judiciary by 43 percent. And I was particularly proud that during my governorship, the state’s use of minority owned businesses tripled. ….”

¡Jeb! 2016 … whether it is amnesty for illegal aliens, fathering Latinos, or erasing our Southern heritage, he’s making the “tough calls.” #cuckservative

Note: ¡Jeb! is losing Florida, even Miami where he lives, to Donald Trump.