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Lawsuit Challenges South Carolina Heritage Act

Ben Tillman statue at South Carolina Statehouse was vandalized

Ben Tillman statue at South Carolina Statehouse was vandalized

By Hunter Wallace

As we have said all along, there is no such thing as “compromise” with the Left and this is a zero sum game in which there will a loser and a winner:

“But fearing an onslaught of efforts to raze or remove from public view the vestiges of state history, Republican leaders in the Legislature are reluctant to change the law and cede any of that power.

House Speaker Jay Lucas, R-Darlington, announced last week that additional monuments would not be up for debate. …

Lawmakers passed the Heritage Act 15 years ago, ending a bitter dispute by lowering the Confederate flag from the State House dome to the Confederate Soldier Monument on its grounds. An African American Monument also was built as part of the compromise.

But fearing backlash against other historical markers, lawmakers added a new threshold for changing other monuments or memorials, requiring a two-thirds vote in the House and Senate. …”

Just as we predicted, taking the flag down solved nothing: it only signaled to the Left that the timid flock of Republican cuckservatives who control the South Carolina legislature won’t stand in the way of their attacks on our Southern heritage. Rest assured, now that a lawsuit has been filed, the courts will save the Heritage Act!