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League of the South Holds Confederate Battle Flag Rallies In Harrison, AR and Stafford, VA

League of the South rallies in support of the Confederate Battle Flag in Harrison, AR (July 4, 2015)

League of the South rallies in support of the Confederate Battle Flag in Harrison, AR (July 4, 2015)

By Hunter Wallace

Our friends in the League of the South have been very busy defending the Confederate Battle Flag this weekend. The League sponsored two well attended pro-Confederate rallies in Stafford, VA and Harrison, AR:

Stafford, VA

On Friday, the League and a group called the Army of Northern Virginia sponsored a pro-Confederate flag rally at the Stafford County Courthouse in Stafford, VA. This was a response to a NAACP spearheaded petition to remove a large Confederate Battle Flag which had been erected by the Virginia Flaggers near I-95 in Stafford County.

75 people waved the Confederate Battle Flag in Stafford and the protest was covered by Fox News and The Washington Post. A small group of 5 leftwing counter-demonstrators opposed our brave men and women carrying signs that read “Hip Hop Is My Heritage” and “Punk Rock Is My Heritage.” A black man carrying a US flag also became incensed by the pro-Confederate protestors and engaged them in a spirited exchange which was captured on video and shared on Facebook. His argument that the Confederate Battle Flag represents slavery and secession was met with the retort that the US flag symbolizes abortion and gay marriage.

Harrison, AR

On Saturday, the League held a second pro-Confederate flag rally in Harrison, AR, which was a follow up from the first such rally the previous weekend. This rally was a response to both the Mainstream Media’s campaign to demonize the Confederate Battle Flag and the recent US Supreme Court decision which legalized “gay marriage.”

Last September, 15 activists from the League of the South protested federal courts forcing “gay marriage” on Arkansas in Little Rock. Approximately 80 people showed up to support this pro-Confederate Battle Flag/anti-gay marriage demonstration in Harrison which was more than double the 40 who showed up the previous weekend. As in Stafford, a small group of leftwing counter-demonstrators showed up in Harrison. They camped out across the street where they proudly hoisted the Rainbow Flag of the sexual anarchist movement. Drastically outnumbered, they were unable to stem the swelling tide of pro-Confederate sentiment in northern Arkansas.

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