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Michael Brown Art Exhibit Set To Debut In Chicago

Is it offensive?

Is it offensive?

By Hunter Wallace

SJWs have finally found something not to be offended about … it’s being hailed as a social justice masterpiece, a full sized replica of Michael Brown’s lifeless body surrounded by the Confederate Battle Flag, slave shackles, and nooses.

“A Brown family member praises the exhibit.

The artist is a white woman from New Orleans.

She says it represents white privilege in America and how it negatively affects the black community.

The exhibit runs through August 10th.”

The purpose of this work of art is to expose “white privilege” in America.

Some will say that it is offensive, but SJWs will point to the Washington Redskins, Louisiana’s fleur-de-lis, the Confederate Battle Flag, Maryland’s official state song, and the Dukes of Hazzard.