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Official Trailer: The Green Inferno

New horror movie takes on internet SJWs

New horror movie takes on internet SJWs

By Hunter Wallace

It is a new movie about SJWs who head to the Peruvian jungle only to end up getting eaten by a tribe of cannibals. It sounds great!

“But I want to make a story about kids who don’t really know what they’re getting into. Get in way over their heads, it actually works. And then the irony is on their way home their plane crashes and the very people they saved think that they’re invaders, and just dart them and eat them. And make them the food supply of the village.

So “Green Inferno” is your reaction to the #SJWs of twitter?

Yeah. I actually wrote it, and when I finished the draft Kony 2012 happened. I was like this is it. Everyone is going, ‘What’s wrong with you?’ They’re drinking their mugs going ‘Don’t you care about child soldiers and kids being raped how can you not tweet this video?’ Everyone got so self righteous and publicly shaming.”

Note: This is kind of like the life story of David Ruenzel, Amanda Kijera, Amy Biehl or Kevin Sutherland. This actually happened to Michael Rockefeller.