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Oligarchs Fueling Jeb Bush’s Presidential Campaign

3 percent of Jeb Bush donors are small contributors

3 percent of Jeb Bush donors are small contributors

By Hunter Wallace

¡Jeb! 2016 is wholly the creature of the oligarchs who control the Republican Party:

“July 15, 2015 Jeb Bush is a fundraising powerhouse among the Republican Party’s biggest donors, but he is struggling among smaller donors. Of the $11.4 million his campaign raised during its first two weeks, only 3 percent came from donors who gave less than $200.

Small contributors gave Bush only $368,023, the campaign’s federal filings show. Donors who gave the legal maximum of $2,700 accounted for more than 80 percent of Bush’s total haul. …”

I don’t spend much time following “mainstream” politics these days, but I did notice that Conor Friedersdorf at The Atlantic has a new article attacking Donald Trump. I was amazed to see that the entire cuckservative political spectrum from Conor Friedersdorf to Kevin Williamson to Jonah Goldberg are ferociously attacking him which explains why his favorability rating is soaring among Republican voters.