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South Bend man shot for flying Confederate flag

White victim of racially motivated attempted murder.

By Colin Evander

Another attempted murder of a Confederate flag supporter has occurred. This time in South Bend, IN.

A 28 year old white male was targeted because he had a Confederate flag on his truck. Three black males yelled insults and racial abuse at him from a street corner in a residential neighborhood. He may have yelled insults back. One of the three black males opened fire, and then all three fled.

The victim was shot in the back and the cheek.

Initial media reports tried to depict the victim as a perpetrator. A statement from police completely contradicts the original false narrative claimed by the South Bend Tribune. The far-left South Bend Tribune originally claimed that the victim was on foot waving a Confederate flag and yelled insults at a group of black males for no reason. Then they claimed the man got into his truck and used it to menace the group of black males. These details appear to have been a complete fantasy on the part of the South Bend Tribune.