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South Bend Shooting

Arkansas man shot in Indiana in dispute over Confederate Battle Flag

Arkansas man shot in Indiana in dispute over Confederate Battle Flag

By Hunter Wallace

Just the other day, I warned that politicians were stirring up racial tension and tolerating black mob violence. I warned that the climate of anti-Southern hate was spiraling out of control. I pointed out how Malik Shabazz had called in Charleston for new Denmark Veseys to rise up and “finish off” the slave masters.

I said that there had been a number of events which have recently happened that are a cause for serious alarm: dozens, perhaps hundreds, of Confederate monuments have been vandalized, a black shooter opened fire on a Confederate flag rally in Ocala, FL, the #NoFlaggingChallenge has taken the vandalism of Confederate flags onto private property, there have been cases of rocks and bottles being thrown at Confederate flag parades or guns pointed at pro-Confederate demonstrators, and we know of at least three black-on-white mob attacks over the Confederate flag in Columbia, SC and Texas. I also pointed out that black majority governments in Memphis and Atlanta want to dig up Nathan Bedford Forrest from his grave and vandalize Stone Mountain respectively.

Now it appears that the New Black Panther Party’s call for “new Denmark Veseys” has been answered with blood in South Bend, Indiana:

“SOUTH BEND — A 28-year-old man was shot Thursday night on Fassnacht Avenue after a confrontation that, according to several witnesses, started after the man displayed a Confederate flag and used racial slurs outside a neighborhood convenience store. …

The man told police he was in his white Ford Explorer when he got into the dispute with the three young men, who were on foot. At one point, one of the young men drew a pistol and fired several shots at the Explorer, hitting the 28-year-old man in the upper back and one cheek, Trent said.

Police learned that the three young men, including the possible gunman, drove away from the scene in a red Pontiac Grand Prix with chrome rims.

Jessie Chembers, a longtime worker at the J & J convenience store on Fassnacht, said he witnessed the incident.
Chembers said the 28-year-old man, who is white, was driving west on Fassnacht when he stopped his vehicle, with a Confederate battle flag attached, in front of the store and started yelling racial slurs at a group of black people standing outside. At one point, as people shouted at him to leave, the man pulled out a long knife or machete in a black case, Chembers said.

The 28-year-old man eventually started to pull away in his Explorer, then reversed back toward the crowd, and a young man fired several shots from a handgun, Chembers said. A few moments later, the Explorer stopped on the west side of Birdsell Street, facing south, where the 28-year-old man exited the vehicle, Chembers said.”

There are several conflicting reports in this story:

“Beyond those main facts, police say reports vary widely about what led up to the violence.

“A lot of the components of the story are opposing one another,” Capt. Phil Trent of the South Bend Police Dept. said Friday. “Instead of this puzzle having 20 pieces, it has 500.”

Police could not confirm the role that a Confederate flag may have played in the shooting.

But friends and family told NewsCenter16 that Dillman was sporting a version of the Confederate flag off the side of his Ford Explorer at the time of the incident. They said the flag had a U.S. Army emblem and writing and was mounted to the back or side of the car.

Dillman, an army veteran from Arkansas, was visiting a friend who lived on Birdsell Street when the incident took place.

“He was driving over here and he got down the corner a bunch of people started yelling at him about the flag,” Dillman’s friend, Cally Baker said. “I don’t know exactly what they we’re saying but I can assume Richard was yelling back at them.”

Other witnesses at the scene described an exchange of racial slurs.

“I see this huge Confederate flag and some guys yelling slurs,” said witness J.J. who asked not to use his last name. “I couldn’t tell what slurs were going back and forth.”

Accounts from this point vary widely. …”

According to a friend of Richard Dillman, he isn’t a racist.

Dillman, who is from Arkansas, was in South Bend visiting his friend. He stopped at a convenience store in what appears to be a black neighborhood to ask for directions. A group of blacks became hostile and started yelling racial slurs. Dillman responded in turn and attempted to leave the area. The hostile crowd of blacks ripped the Confederate Battle Flag off his truck and shot him twice in the mouth and the upper back.

The SPLC has condemned the C of CC for for spreading what it calls a “false narrative of a victimized white majority under siege by allegedly violent people of color in the United States.” We will have more on this story as it develops.

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