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Terror Immigration To America Must Stop

We told you so

We told you so

By Hunter Wallace

Worth reading:

“Tennessee is to Muslim refugees as New York is to Muslim hijacked planes. Chattanooga, the site of the latest Muslim terror attack against America, is a “preferred community” for resettlement along with Knoxville and Nashville.

Nashville was designated a “Gateway City” for Iraqis. Hundreds of Somali Muslims were dumped in Shelbyville and the Murfreesboro Mega-Mosque became national news because of its terror ties.

Over the last decade, middle Tennessee’s Muslim population tripled. The rise of Islam in Tennessee as Muslims from terror zones like Iraq and Somalia flooded its towns and cities brought hate and violence. …

As the government began filling it with immigrants from terror zones, Tennessee, the Volunteer State, fought back because it hadn’t volunteered for this. In 2008, it pulled out of the Federal refugee resettlement program. But the resettlement continued. Tennessee taxpayers suffer and bullets fly. …”

Note: Several years ago, US Attorney Bill Killian who is leading the investigation in Chattanooga vowed to criminalize criticism of Islam as “hate speech.” Pamela Geller led a huge protest of thousands of people against the Islamization of Tennessee in Manchester and was demonized for “Islamophobia.” Also over at VDARE, Michelle Malkin notes that a similar incident happened in Arkansas in 2009.