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Thanks, Washington Post

The Washington Post cites my Twitter account

The Washington Post cites my Twitter account

By Hunter Wallace

The Washington Post has picked up the Anthony Hervey story and has even cited my Twitter account in their story.

This is truly an extraordinary story: Anthony Hervey was a black conservative who routinely dressed up as a Confederate soldier, who proudly waved the Confederate Battle Flag, a self-styled “black redneck” who only identified as a proud Southerner, who condemned among other things White guilt, anti-racism, political correctness and the welfare state for destroying his people, and who said he only felt safe in the company of Southern Whites who loved the Confederate Battle Flag, many of them gun toting, proud rednecks or members of so-called “hate groups” such as myself.

Such an individual travels to a pro-Confederate rally in Birmingham, AL, where he is featured as a guest speaker and is welcomed by everyone to great applause, which is an event the SPLC has already classified as a “hate rally” on their “Mapping Hate” map. Having brought water and watermelon for everyone, around two dozen members of a notorious “hate group” are on the scene. At least two of whom also speak to the crowd that day following the black speakers. And the only “hate” on display in Birmingham was directed at Anthony Hervey and his fellow black speakers by small crowd of other irate blacks who viciously denounced them as “Uncle Toms.”

After leaving Birmingham and traveling almost all the way home to Oxford, MS, Anthony Hervey is stalked, chased, harassed and ran off the road – once again, in Mississippi – by a carload of irate, screaming blacks in a silver vehicle who approach their vehicle from both the driver and passenger side. The SUV swerves off the road, rolls, and Hervey is killed in the deadly impact. Pinned in her SUV, a black conservative woman sends out an SOS to other Confederate flag supporters in the area.

Now imagine the reaction from the media if the races and circumstances of this tragedy had been reversed and it were a carload of, say, angry Ku Klux Klan members that pursued a black anti-Confederate speaker and a woman of color from an NAACP rally in Birmingham, the Cradle of the Civil Rights Movement, where Martin Luther King went up against Bull Connor and famously went to jail. Imagine that they caused a fatal car wreck after a high speed chase in Mississippi that killed one of the two speakers. Well, you can bet that it would be international news, “a story about race in America,” and the front page headline would be “Mississippi Burning” all over again.

Meanwhile, in the wake of both Mohammad Abdualzeez’s shooting in Chattanooga and Anthony Hervey’s shocking death in Mississippi, the usually outspoken SPLC, which always has a thing or two to say about “hate crimes,” has mysteriously disappeared faster than the Russian submarine “Red October” beneath the waves.