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The Donald Schools The GOP Establishment


By Hunter Wallace

Reportedly, the secret to Donald Trump’s success is that he doesn’t speak the same language as Washington politicians:

“To many voters, rightly or wrongly, Trump is the antidote to years of Washington’s cynical, manufactured outrages, the petty punishments of those who deviated from the party line, its broken promises, meaningless “show votes,” careful, poll-tested politician speak and a multitude of backroom deals that have solved exactly zero of our nation’s problems. How deliciously humiliating it must be for the political pros of DC. The guy who somberly handed out goofy busywork assignments to people like Stephen Baldwin and the star of Sharknado on “Celebrity Apprentice” has just wandered in, delivered a few speeches off the top of his head and totally taken over the presidential race without breaking a sweat. …”

Yes, we are enjoying it immensely, even if we are not exactly onboard the Trump campaign. We can’t wait to see The Donald tell the GOP establishment “you’re fired.”