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The Ferguson Initiative: Obama Announces New Integrated Housing Rules

Obama administration announces new push for integrated housing

Obama administration announces new push for integrated housing

By Hunter Wallace

Even though the media orchestrated circus in Ferguson that followed the death of Michael Brown was ultimately exposed as an outrageous race hoax, the Obama administration feels it is necessary to cater to the violent black mobs that have burned down American cities, intimidated small business owners, and threatened the lives of police officers:

“WASHINGTON — The Obama administration announced an aggressive effort on Wednesday to reduce the racial segregation of residential neighborhoods. It unveiled a new requirement that cities and localities account for how they will use federal housing funds to reduce racial disparities, or face penalties if they fail.

The new rules are an effort to enforce the goals of the civil rights-era fair housing law that bans overt residential discrimination, but whose broader mandate for communities to actively foster integration has not been realized. They are part of President Obama’s attempt to address the racial imbalances and lack of opportunity that he says have contributed to unrest reminiscent of the turbulent 1960s in cities like Ferguson, Mo., and Baltimore, where African-Americans have clashed with police officers. …”

Did you hear that?

White racism is shamelessly invoked here to explain the “unrest” that happened in Ferguson and Baltimore, not the refusal of the Democratic governor of Missouri to send in the National Guard, or the Democratic mayor of Baltimore ordering the police to stand down to give the rioting mob “space to destroy.” When the #BlackLivesMatter movement burns down cities, vandalizes Confederate monuments, and assassinates police officers in New York City, excuses are made and policy initiatives are announced.

This disastrous initiative will take ghettos of concentrated black dysfunction in urban areas like Birmingham or St. Louis and disperse them to suburbs like Ferguson – The Ferguson Initiative will take what has already happened in Memphis, and send violent crime in White suburbs skyrocketing nationwide as a tribute to the martyrdom of Michael Brown.

Brace yourselves for the impending Obama crime wave, tumbling property value, shuttered businesses, and the swift demise of “good schools” as your city becomes another failed federal experiment in racial uplift.