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Al Jazeera profiles Matthew Heimbach

Al Jazeera profiles Matthew Heimbach

By Hunter Wallace

Al Jazeera America has a new in depth article on my friend, Matthew Heimbach:

“Late at night on June 17, after he and his wife had gone to bed, Matthew Heimbach’s phone rang on his nightstand. On the other end of the line was a man from the South Carolina field office of the FBI. The man asked Heimbach if he knew a man called Dylann Roof and, if so, if he knew where Roof was. Heimbach told the officer that he had never heard of Roof and wondered what the call was about. Without explaining further, the officer thanked him and hung up.

“That’s when things got weird,” Heimbach says. Soon calls were coming in from associates who had all gotten similar calls from the FBI, and they were all now wondering the same thing: Who was Dylann Roof, and why hadn’t any of them heard of him until tonight?

“None of us had ever even heard the name Dylann Roof before,” Heimbach says. “Now he was all anyone was talking about.” …

Note: The article also has some great quotes and photos from the Confederate flag rally that was recently organized in Knoxville by my friend Tom Pierce. Check it out.