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Black 9-Year-Old Shot and Killed In Ferguson


By Hunter Wallace

Did you hear about the black 9-year-old who was shot and killed in a drive-by shooting in Ferguson?

“FERGUSON, Mo. ( — Officers with the Ferguson, Missouri Police Department are investigating the fatal shooting of a 9-year-old girl Tuesday night as she laid in her bed.

The father of Jamyla Bolden said the girl was in her bed doing homework inside a home in the 9200 block of Ellison when she was shot around 9:30 Tuesday night. Her mother was also shot in the leg.”

She was sitting in bed doing her homework.

Jamlya Bolden, too, was a victim of what the SPLC calls the “false narrative of a victimized white majority under siege by allegedly violent people of color in the United States.” It is important to highlight the fact that these black children are struck down all the time by gunfire from other blacks in major cities like St. Louis and Detroit.

Where is the #BlackLivesMatter movement? Oh, they are rioting in St. Louis over another dead thug who pulled a gun on the police.