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Buzzfeed Article: “Top Racists and Neo-Nazis Back Donald Trump”


By Hunter Wallace

Yesterday, I got a call from Christopher Massie, a reporter for Buzzfeed, who wanted to know why I was supporting Donald Trump. The story is out this morning: “Top Racists and Neo-Nazis back Donald Trump.”

“Visitors to the website for the Council of Conservative Citizens — a white nationalist group cited by Charleston church shooter Dylan Roof — will find a steady stream of pro-Trump articles. “Trump Surge Continues,” “Jorge Ramos Deported From Trump Press Conference,” “Trump’s Nationalist Coalition,” reads the front page of the site. …”

Brad Griffin, who writes under the pseudonym Hunter Wallace for the white nationalist blog Occidental Dissent (“We don’t want to see our peoples be submerged”), said in an interview that he supports Trump for other reasons. In addition to his staunch opposition to immigration, he also noted the candidate’s positions on “trade, political correctness, and campaign finance.”

“I like the fact that he’s funny,” Griffin added. …

In the same vein, Griffin, the Occidental Dissent blogger, said, “It troubles me that he wants to deport all the illegal aliens and then let them back.”

After having called himself a supporter earlier in the conversation, Griffin added, “I’m not really supporting him at the moment. I’m kind of leaning toward it.”

The joke around here for a week now has been that we are in the middle of “Nazi week” and the Buzzfeed article lived up to our expectations by featuring an image of a NSM rally, which is interesting because no one affiliated with the NSM – Jared Taylor, Richard Spencer, Peter Brimelow, etc. – seems to have been interviewed for the article. I honestly don’t know if the NSM is supporting Trump. I haven’t bothered to look. It wouldn’t affect my opinions.

Anyway, I explained my position on Donald Trump at some length to the Buzzfeed reporter. In terms of his personality I said that I liked the fact that he is funny, charismatic, and a strong leader. I also made a point to emphasize that I liked Trump’s positions on four key issues: immigration, trade, political correctness, and campaign finance.

That’s not what the Buzzfeed reporter wanted to talk about though. He brought up a quote from me about changing racial demographics that was featured in The New Yorker article. Once again, I told him specifically that I started out as “a Pat Buchanan guy,” and that Buchanan has been writing about these same issues for 15 years now. I brought up Buchanan’s books about the subject, Death of the West and Suicide of a Superpower.

When I was asked by the Buzzfeed reporter if my positions were rooted in “xenophobia,” I said that I didn’t think so. I said that Trump’s platform is a win-win because it is good for us and good for the country. It cuts both ways which is why Trump has such a broad coalition of supporters:

– I specifically pointed to the article in Politico yesterday about the liberals who are supporting Donald Trump because of his position on campaign finance.

– I said that all sorts of people dislike political correctness including comedians like Chris Rock and Jerry Seinfeld. I cited Paula Deen, Brendan Eich, Kelly Osbourne, Hulk Hogan and Colin Cowherd as examples.

– I said that ending terrible trade deals and bringing jobs back from China and Mexico would benefit everyone including working class Whites and blacks.

– I said that Trump’s immigration policy would be a huge blow to employers that back the US Chamber of Commerce and the Republican donor class that wants to exploit cheap labor.

Finally, I tried to explain that my support for Trump is conditional, that I am only leaning that way, and waiting to see if his positions hold through the primary season and general election. I’m not a “true believer,” but the Buzzfeed reporter didn’t seem to grasp the distinction. Trump has said some good things lately, but the jury is still out on whether he is serious or any of that will hold up.

I mean … I think we should raise taxes on Sheldon Adelson, that he controls politicians like Newt Gingrich as his own personal puppets, and that he uses his fortune to promote starting disastrous neocon wars. Is that racist? Is that “anti-Semitic”? Or is it just not in our national interest? I guess different people will look at it and see and hear different things.