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Darren Wilson, A Year Later

wilson-darrenBy Hunter Wallace

I will spare you from having to read through this super long profile of Darren Wilson in The New Yorker:

“Wilson said that he had interviewed for a few police positions but had been told that he would be a liability. “It’s too hot an issue, so it makes me unemployable,” he said. He tried not to brood about it: “I bottle everything up.” …”

In other words, Darren Wilson has become George Zimmerman.

He did nothing wrong. He was just doing his job that day. He has been completely vindicated. And yet, Darren Wilson’s life has been destroyed by another discredited Al Sharpton race hoax.

The New Yorker article shows why confrontation is unavoidable. Even if you keep your head down and try to quietly move through life, you can still end up like Darren Wilson. Make one politically incorrect comment and you will wind up like Hulk Hogan or Paula Deen.

Hogan and Deen at least made millions before they were tarred and feathered and drummed out of respectable society. As a scientist, James Watson discovered the structure of DNA and made modern genetics possible. For millions of Whites who are less fortune though, the door to their advancement is already closed under this system.

My friend Matt Heimbach is fond of pointing out that the cost of open defiance of the status quo is increasingly negligable for Millennials. Like Darren Wilson, Whites have no future under this system anyway, regardless of the choices they make. We’re all headed for the same destination even if some arrive earlier than others.

In the long run, it’s better to stick together and start fighting back now than to all hang separately and unceremoniously.