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Fifth Planned Parenthood Video Released

That can be arranged ...

That can be arranged …

By Hunter Wallace

I’m not sure why the fifth video has been released. I was under the impression that a California court had blocked the release of further videos, but here it is:

“The latest video includes footage of anti-abortion activists posing as representatives from a fetal tissue procurement company discussing obtaining tissue and fetal cadavers with Melissa Farrell, director of research for Planned Parenthood Gulf Coast.

“If we alter our process and we are able to obtain intact fetal cadavers … it’s all just a matter of line items,” Farrell says in the video, which includes graphic footage of clinic workers examining fetal tissue and organs. …”

In this video, an intact fetus is ordered over lunch as easily as one would order a double cheeseburger at McDonald’s.

Note: Southern Future reminds us that the GOP-controlled Senate has made this possible.