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Figures Don’t Lie, But Liars Figure


By Earl P. Holt III

Basically, there are two kinds of journalists within the Corrupt Leftist Media. There are those who are too stupid to understand the significance of black-on-white violent crime rates, and then there are those who are too dishonest to acknowledge them.

Sometimes, both stupidity and dishonesty can be found in the same individual, as was recently the case when the Longview News-Journal decided to dabble in interracial violent crime statistics.

In a June 25th article, “Stats Taken Out of Context,” a truly dishonest and stupid individual named Glen Evans attempted to prove the impossible, namely that interracial violent crimes involving blacks and whites are comparable.

The intent of his biased and laughable article was to imply that those few and courageous websites which report violent black-on-white crime (like the CofCC) are engaged in journalistic hysteria, and are intentionally misleading the public.

His source for this brilliant insight was an equally incompetent and clueless “Statistician” at the Justice Department named Lynn Langton. She obligingly fed the Longview News-Journal the following disinformation worthy of PRAVDA or TASS during the Cold War era:

“A similar percentage of whites experienced violence from blacks as blacks experienced from whites,” she alleged.

That is, since both white-on-black and black-on-white violent crime accounts for approximately 15.5% of all the violent crimes committed against either race each year, there are no significant disparities in their incidence, and little about which white people can justifiably complain.

The problem is, the white population is about five times as numerous as the black population of 14%. Hence, those Justice Department figures reveal that a black minority committed about 430,000 violent crimes against whites in the most recent year for which these statistics are available (2008,) while whites committed 91,000 violent crimes against blacks in the same year.

Only a stupid, ignorant and dishonest leftist could attempt to explain away as insignificant or coincidental, the fact that a black minority of 14% commits 83% of all Interracial Violent Crimes, but that’s exactly what Evans tried to do.

The truth is perfectly evident in the Justice Department’s own statistics: Blacks are more than 30 times more likely to commit a violent crime against a white person than the reverse.

That’s why the CofCC website takes the trouble to report incidents and statistics involving interracial violent crime, and why no intelligent person trusts anything the Corrupt Leftist Media has to say on the subject.

Meanwhile, those Justice Department’s statistics are about as reliable as those Unemployment figures that come out of the Labor Department…