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Gov. Nathan Deal Quietly Removes Confederate Holidays From State Calendar

Nathan Deal took conservatives for a ride in Georgia

Nathan Deal took conservatives for a ride in Georgia

By Hunter Wallace

Coming from the same man who used an executive order to disingenuously remove the Tom Watson statue in November 2013 (he claimed it was due to repairs at the State Capitol, only to later approve an MLK statue as a replacement), we are not in the least bit surprised that Nathan Deal caved yet again to the Left:

“Georgia’s governor has quietly removed Confederate Memorial Day and Robert E. Lee’s Birthday from the state calendar, replacing them with the innocuous-sounding designation “state holiday.”

The change, first reported by The Atlanta Journal-Constitution, was contained in a memo dated August 5 sent by Governor Nathan Deal to state government staff. …

According to Brian Robinson, deputy chief of staff for communications for Georgia’s governor, the holidays are meant to honor the Confederacy and Robert E. Lee. “That is why they are in state law, and we are not denying that or pretending that’s not the case,” he says. However, he adds, “those names are not spelled out in state law.… It just says, ‘These shall be state holidays.'” It, is, therefore, within Deal’s power to rename the holidays on the state’s calendars for planning purposes, Robinson says.

According to Jon Richards, front page editor at Peach Pundit, a Georgia politics website, Deal’s decision to rename the holidays—but to do so quietly—makes good political sense”

This is why Donald Trump is leading in the polls in Georgia … it is because conservative voters have given the Republican Party absolute power in Georgia, not only in the state legislature, but down to running the last White Democrat in the Deep South out of Congress in 2014, only to get cuckservative leaders like Nathan Deal who lie to get elected and trash Southern heritage once they are safely in office.