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Man Attacked Over Confederate Battle Flag In Columbia, PA


By Hunter Wallace

In Columbia, PA, a White man is driving down the road in his pickup trying flying the Confederate Battle Flag, a group of black “youths” take offense, they surround his truck, force him to pull over into a nearby parking lot, where they destroy his flag … and he gets arrested and charged when he pulls a knife out on the mob:

“COLUMBIA, Pa. – The man who says he was in the middle of a fight Monday afternoon over the Confederate flag he flies in his pickup truck claimed he was provoked.

David Chohany says he was at a pharmacy Monday afternoon with his girlfriend’s daughter when a group of people tried to surround his truck, offended by the confederate flag he flew.

“I don’t fly it because I hate people,” Chohany said. “I fly it because I have the right to fly it, and I’m going to fly it to this day, and nobody could tell me to take it down.”

He claims he was minding his own business, and that a group of teens tried to provoke him. …”

We’ve now seen several of these incidents involving the Confederate flag in the North in Rochester, MN, Columbus, OH, and South Bend, IN. In the South, some of the recent attacks, not including the ongoing campaign of criminal vandalism against Confederate monuments, include Myrtle Beach, SC, Henry County, GA, Stone Mountain, GA, Lilburn, GA, Bessemer, AL, and Ocala, FL

Note: The SPLC has accused the C of CC of spreading a “false narrative of a victimized white majority under siege by allegedly violent people of color in the United States.” It’s a “false narrative,” you see, because the “hate” is targeted at Confederate monuments or people flying the Confederate flag. According to some, there’s nothing objectionable about “hating” Southerners and destroying our monuments.