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SPLC Quietly Declares Confederate Heritage Is “Hate”

SPLC announces new policy: everything Confederate is now "hate"

SPLC announces new policy: everything Confederate is now “hate”

By Hunter Wallace

While some pro-Confederate groups are issuing silly press releases promising to fight “racism” and “hate groups” even harder in the wake of Charleston, the SPLC has recently changed its policy on Southern heritage.

According to the SPLC, all Confederate Battle Flag rallies are now “hate rallies,” the Confederate Battle Flag represents nothing but “hate,” and all Confederate monuments, holidays, symbols, memorials, celebrations, schools and parks named after Confederate leaders should be eradicated from the public square:

“Campaign aims to identify and eliminate government-sanctioned symbols honoring the Confederacy. Please send examples in your community.

In response to the tragic murders at Charleston’s “Mother Emanuel” A.M.E. Church by a Confederate flag-waving white supremacist, the Southern Poverty Law Center is launching a campaign to identify and erase government-sanctioned symbols of the Confederacy across the country. …

We’re looking for Confederate statues or monuments; flags; government seals; patches on government uniforms; the names of parks, streets, schools, military bases or counties; school mascots; and other examples.

As part of the “Erasing Hate” campaign, we’re also preparing a community action guide to help local communities reach consensus on removing publicly supported symbols that represent the slave-holding South.”

Interestingly though, in spite of this new policy which categorically defines Confederate heritage as “hate,” the Sons of Confederate Veterans has not been labeled a “hate group.” Perhaps this is because the SCV is more interested in fighting “hate groups” than its traditional charge to defend and preserve Southern heritage?