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Toronto spree killer has over 50 previous convictions

Two people were killed. Another two were injured.

Posted Colin Evander

Jason Hay has been identified as the suspect in the Toronto spree shooting at an Italian Coffee-shop in Vaughan, Toronto.

He has an incredible 50+ previous convictions. He was involved in an execution murder of “a snitch” in 2007. On June 25th, the perp opened fire in an Italian Coffee-shop. Two white victims were killed. Another white male was injured. The fourth victim has not been identified. Police have no motive.

National Post

Hay, 27, who goes by the street name Digit, would have been on parole at the time of the shooting inside Moka Espresso Bar & Gelato on Islington Avenue in Woodbridge on June 24 at 8:18 a.m. Maria Voci, 47, who worked at the café, and Christopher Desimone, 24, both residents of Vaughan, were killed. Two others were seriously injured but have both been released from hospital.

Hay is no stranger to guns and gang culture.

He has more than 50 convictions.

Most notably, Hay was charged in 2007 for the killing of David Latchana, 23, who was shot in the head outside of an afterhours party after the victim was identified as a “snitch.” The triggerman, Demar Duntin, 23, was convicted of second-degree murder.

Hay was acquitted of first-degree murder but was convicted of manslaughter and sentenced to seven years.

At the sentencing, Justice Kenneth Langdon said Hay was “beyond any hope of redemption,” an assessment fuelled in part by Hay admitting on the stand that anyone cooperating with police was committing an “act of treason” and deserved to die.

As he was taken away in chains, Hay remained defiant, calling out “F–k you, faggot” to the judge and laughing off his sentence as “soft,” according to press accounts.