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Trump’s Surge Continues


By Hunter Wallace

It’s getting bad, like, real bad for the cuckservative establishment:

“Donald Trump’s lead over the Republican primary field is growing, with new polls putting him well ahead of his rivals in two early primary states.

The real estate magnate has opened up a 24-point lead in New Hampshire, according to a poll released Tuesday by the Democratic-leaning Public Policy Polling, with 35 percent of likely GOP primary voters supporting him.

No other Republican came anywhere near that level of support. Ohio Gov. John Kasich came the closest, polling at 11 percent.
Trump’s dominance extends to South Carolina, another crucial early primary state.

A new Monmouth University poll puts Trump at 30 percent support in South Carolina, double that of second-place finisher Ben Carson, who was the choice of 15 percent of the state’s likely Republican primary voters. …”

Oh my.

You know it is bad when George Will is invoking the Holocaust, Kevin Williamson is calling Trump a Nazi, and Frank Luntz is shaking in his boots! In the clearest sign yet, CNN even called me (and David Duke) this afternoon to ask my opinion of Donald Trump.