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Washington Post: To Hell With The Southern Belle


By Hunter Wallace

In The Washington Post, there is a new two minute hate against the Southern belle, which is now said to be a symbol of feminine white privilege and institutional racism in the South, and which must be eradicated from Southern college campuses in a new “social justice” crusade:

“If UGA and other Southern schools really want to lead, they will not only ban the hoop; they will also go after the belle. This will be tougher to do. It will mean discontinuing support for still-prevalent campus productions that promote imaginative connection with the Old South. And it will mean instituting new campus productions in their place. For their part, traditionally white Southern sororities serious about anti-racism will scrap the belle aesthetic and corresponding performances designed to measure it. They will develop new yardsticks for evaluating potential members that are less about looks and more about leadership. In short, they will confront the central role their choreography plays in reiterating race and class privilege. They will just say to hell with the belle.”

Even after eschewing the Southern belle aesthetic, the Alpha Phi sororiety at the University of Alabama is under fire by the mainstream media for being, well, feminine and “racially homogeneous.”

In the United States, it is mainstream and politically correct to “hate” the White South. Cultural genocide and bigotry is even fashionable so long as we are the target. Multiculturalism holds that all minority cultures and deviant lifestyles must be celebrated and accepted with the exception of the traditional culture of the White South. That is where the line is drawn.