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Our Greatest Enemy


By Hunter Wallace

I’ve recently been accused by our enemies of having gone “almost mute” on Southern heritage.

That certainly doesn’t describe my activity on this website over the last three months. It seems though that our opponents haven’t grasped why I have suddenly shifted the focus in my writing back to covering mainstream politics. I assumed it was obvious, but maybe I should spell out my reasoning here.

When it comes to the Confederate heritage battles, I haven’t forgotten that it was Gov. Robert Bentley who removed the flag here, Gov. Nikki Haley and the Republican-controlled legislature in South Carolina, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell who called for the removal of the Jefferson Davis statue in Kentucky, or Republican-controlled Texas that fought the SCV license plate all the way to the Supreme Court. It was also Gov. Nathan Deal who removed the Tom Watson statue and the Republican-controlled Georgia legislature that signed off on replacing it with an MLK statue.

As things stand today, the Republican Party has unified control of the state governments of Alabama, Mississippi, Georgia, Florida, South Carolina, Louisiana, Texas, Oklahoma, Tennessee, Arkansas and North Carolina. In Virginia, West Virginia, Kentucky, and Missouri, only Democratic governors stand in the way of Republican legislatures. At the federal level, Republicans control more House and Senate seats in the American South than ever before in history. And yet, this unprecedented grant of power to the GOP has only emboldened our enemies to push forward with their cultural cleansing campaign.

This campaign to cleanse the South of Confederate heritage came at a peculiar moment in American politics: the GOP-controlled Supreme Court upheld Obamacare, the “disparate impact” standard of discrimination, and forced “gay marriage” on the entire country. This was in addition to its recent rulings on open borders in the Arizona case, campaign finance in Citizens United, and upholding affirmative action. Meanwhile, the GOP-controlled Congress, which hasn’t enjoyed a greater majority since the days of Herbert Hoover, can point to Obamatrade as its greatest accomplishment, has refused to defund Planned Parenthood after the release of all those shocking videos, and has gone along with miring the country in ever greater levels of debt.

So, while the cultural cleansing of the South has been going on over the summer and SJWs have ratcheted up their attacks across several other fronts like the gender binary, the GOP succeeded in alienating and enraging its own base on a whole host of other issues. This has led to an unprecedented legitimacy crisis for the Republican leadership and their professional scribes in Conservatism, Inc. It has also severely undermined the rightwing wall of “respectability” – or, as Jeet Heer puts it, “the gate of an exclusive country club” – that normally separates “the fringe” from “the mainstream.”

Enter Donald Trump … and things start getting weird, really fast. Suddenly, the Republican frontrunner is calling the Iraq War an unmitigated disaster, denouncing CEO pay, openly saying we need to raise taxes on Wall Street, attacking the #BlackLivesMatter movement as a “hate group,” calling America’s leaders “babies” who are stupid enough to coddle Mexico’s underclass, vowing to raise tariffs on China, promising to deport every illegal alien in the country and build the “Great Wall of Trump” on the Mexican border while stomping all over any number of sacred PC taboos. The Republican establishment and their cuckservative scribes fly into a fit of apoplectic rage. They decry Trump’s multiple -isms and -phobias and invoke the specter of Hitler and the Holocaust … to absolutely no effect.

As of mid-September, Trump and his “Vulgarian” followers have already committed heresy against “conservative orthodoxy” on a dozen or more issues. In their own words, Trump represents an “existential threat” to the Republican Party because as a billionaire the donor class doesn’t have their meat hooks and strings in his back, and poll after poll shows that is just what the electorate believes the country needs. Trump’s heresies are so dangerous to the Republican Party that if he won the nomination he could fatally split the party or provoke a realignment of American politics if he won the general election.

If Trump won the general election and actually began to follow through on his promise to deport the illegals, he would be met with a deafening denunciation of his “racism” and “nativism” from the media as well as the cultural and political establishment. And what would happen if the media, the SPLC and the SJWs attempted to police a President Trump’s words and actions and it didn’t work, or even worse, backfired on them? Trump could succeed in defanging the concepts of “racism” and “nativism” once and for all. He could undermine political correctness in the same way that Obama has “mainstreamed” gay marriage by giving legitimacy to all those who revolt against it.

Without a GOP dominated by its donor class and its paid cuckservative writers lording it over the South, who steer the Right to defeat after defeat and who are the key pillar holding up the “current political consensus” on “racism,” the cultural terrain could wildly shift on a number of important issues including Southern heritage. The charge of “racism” is the only play in the playbook and once that is taken away, well, just use your imagination as to the whole system built up around it since WW2 could “unwind.”

The Republican establishment and the cuckservatives have spent the last three months telegraphing their fears: in article after article, tweet after tweet, they have made it crystal clear that the worst thing people like us can do to them in their present moment of weakness is to force Donald Trump on them as their nominee.

Hell, that would burn down the GOP country club the fate of which hangs in the balance! Does anyone have some matches?