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Selma Descends Into Gang Warfare



By Hunter Wallace

MLK, you know, had a dream.

This small town in Alabama, which was the epicenter of the Voting Rights Act, is so great that they recently made a Hollywood movie about it:

“The eyes of the nation were trained on Selma from the Christmas release of the film bearing the city’s name until March 7, when President Barack Obama, civil rights leaders and celebrities descended on the city en masse to commemorate its place in civil rights history.

It was a historic event, producing images of the nation’s first black president leading a crowd over the infamous Edmund Pettus Bridge, where civil rights protesters were savagely beaten by Alabama state troopers 50 years earlier.

The triumphant moment left many observers around the world with a sense that perhaps Selma had transcended its violent, racist past in the decades since Bloody Sunday. …”

Read the whole article.

This is the real Selma that the locals all know. Browse through the photos. Read through the statistics. Ask yourself: who was really on the wrong side of history?