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South Carolina Resists Syrian Refugee Resettlement


By Hunter Wallace

The New York Times has a story about the growing resistance in the South Carolina Upcountry which has been selected as a dumping ground for Syrian refugees:

“DUNCAN, S.C. — The worried citizens gathered in the high school cafeteria, about 200 strong. Patriotic songs played on the stereo, a man in a blue blazer from the John Birch Society hovered by a well-stocked literature table, and Lauren L. Martel, a lawyer from Hilton Head, told the crowd that 25 Syrian refugees were already living among them.

“The U.N. calls it ‘refugee resettlement’ — the Muslims call it hijra, migration,” said another speaker, Jim McMillan, a local businessman. “They don’t plan to assimilate, they don’t plan to take on our culture. They plan to change the way of American life.” …”

Middle Tennessee has long been a favorite dumping ground for Muslim refugees. The threat posed by budding jihadists was dismissed there until Muhammad Abdualzeez went on his rampage shooting in Chattanooga.