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War Against The South: We Are In a “Purge Moment”


By Hunter Wallace

The fact that the New York Times compares the present historical moment to the advent post-apartheid South Africa ought to disturb you:

“WASHINGTON — In 1861, Union soldiers who were camped out in the Senate chamber attacked the desk of Jefferson Davis with a bayonet. Eager to destroy the symbol connected to Davis, who had resigned from the Senate to become president of the Confederacy, they were halted by an aide who insisted that the desk belonged to the government and that the military was “sent here to protect, not destroy.”
The desk, which still bears evidence of the gouging, is now assigned to the senior senator from Mississippi, Thad Cochran, its historical significance superseding its symbolism. But it is unlike many emblems of the Civil War and other powerful icons that are part of a larger movement to excise uncomfortable history from the more than two centuries of American life. …”

Last weekend, the Jefferson Davis and Woodrow Wilson statues were removed at the University of Texas. Meanwhile, SJWs at the University of Tennessee want to get rid of gendered pronouns.