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Civil Rights Republicanism


By Hunter Wallace

When I first heard about this National Review cover story, I swear that I thought it was a White Nationalist parody:

“The Republican party will be far better off over the long term if it reclaims the mantle of properly enforced civil rights. To reiterate: That means speaking out against racially disparaging remarks, calling out policies that have a disparate impact on minority voters, promoting policies that have a propitious impact, and executing a committed, focused engagement strategy. Taken together, these straightforward steps will change the way the party is perceived among black voters and increase its share of the black vote.”

Did you hear that? All Republicans have to do to win the black vote is condemn those who make racially disparaging remarks like Donald Trump. Just that and take away the civil rights issue.

That’s funny, because I seem to remember writing a response to a very different Theodore R. Johnson article in August. In that article in The Washington Post, Theodore R. Johnson called for a system of weighted voting in which every black vote would be counted in a 5/3 ratio to every White vote:

“The just answer today is to invert that ratio. If black Americans were once counted as three-fifths of a person, let each African American voter now count as five-thirds. …”

Yes, it is the same Theodore R. Johnson. Read the bios at National Review and The Washington Post. It is the same guy. The article at The Washington Post explains the electoral impact of Johnson’s proposed weighted voting scenario. It shows how Mitt Romney would have lost five more Southern states to Obama in 2012 and how Democrats would have retained the Senate in the 2012 and 2014 midterm elections.

These cuckservatives are so stupid that they have this guy – who proposes burying the White vote in the Deep South – writing a National Review cover story telling Republicans how to win elections! I mean … this is like a parody, but no, these people are the brain trust of the conservative movement!